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Kittie Peters
29 August 1989
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irish likes her coffee black just like her metal.
irish likes cake batter.
irish loves to dress up.
irish would desperately love to have pink or white hair.
irish hates driving.
irish is a zelda freak. yes. more than you.
irish has an anxiety disorder and does not like large crowds or travelling long distances.
irish has calvin and hobbes, the bible (?), chicken soup for the soul, and how to become a pokemon master as reading material in the bathroom.
irish does in fact wonder where da hood at.
irish was born missing 13 bones in her feet.
irish thinks the suicide girls are gorgeous.
irish loves the word vicarious.
irish knows how it is.
irish enjoys the AIDS.
irish would die without her beffies
irish has a pretty big fancy for boys making out
irish loves her family a lot.
irish lol'ed at it.
irish knows that if it exists, there is porn of it.
irish can drop it like it's hot now and again.
irish takes pride in being a very good female DDR player
irish owns in everything involving Link, with the exception of going against Lance
irish has a very messy room all the time, but knows where to find everything
irish will sleep when she's dead
irish would rather sleep now but whatever
irish loves pocky and ramune
irish becomes a little bit of a whore at kons
irish loves Justin Timberlake
irish has herd of mudkips, and she does liek them
irish is the leader of the soccer mom hunters
irish would like to be abraham lincoln or utena tenjou (either) when she grows up
irish loves corsets
irish would like a belt buckle with her name on it
irish knows that it's a trap
irish will have a gay son someday and treasure him
irish is bringing the chips to the picnic in hell
irish does not like drugs.
irish can say "stupid rooster" and "toilet seat" in polish
irish knows what happens at the end of all 7 harry potter books
irish likes blood and gore
irish likes rainbows
irish simply loves children. but she could never eat a whole one.
irish met caboose from red vs blue, and they are friends.
irish is a bitch that knows that this ain't a cutscene, and you must press A.
irish bought a cologne called "orgasm" with lance
irish knows where you can go to see lions and tigers
irish wants you to stroke the harble
irish is most certainly a /b/tard, however she will not show tits and she will not gtfo
irish hates it when you chew with your mouth open
irish loves to cuddle
irish believes it's very important to smell nice
irish loves stargazing
irish has her own mr. samsa, and she only kills him sometimes
irish admires anyone who can know nightmare before christmas word for word the way she does
irish has a fascination with the hippie era
irish would like to wear j-rock boots to walk the stage at graduation
irish says that brandon boyd is fucking hot
irish loves it when she sees ajar fat ladies
irish wants two different eye colors