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02:08pm 21/10/2007
mood: listless
I haven't used my LJ in 5 years... it's so strange to look back at everything I used to say XD

I should use this thing now and again to make notes about cosplay and everything.... MAKE ME SOUND ALL COOL AND SHIT.

Guh... I don't even know what to say. >_>;

05:32pm 22/02/2003
mood: indescribable
i'm on top of the world! *gets held up by jack and loses balance* WHOA!! *falls into the water*

anyway so far my weekend has been full of firsts...
with friday i experienced my first ( :#1: ) FAVORITE ART STORE IS GOING OUT OF BUSINESS syndrome.. it was sad
but i *did* get this honeysuckle stuff thats actually room freshener but shh i've been using it as perfume and it must work cuz half a bazillion people have said i smell pretty but yeah

right after i got home i got a call and i went to go see chicago.. ( :#1: )my first insanely wierd and cool movie in over a year (maaan those people werent nude but those were NOT swimsuits!!!)
with that i went with a guy, and thats a first! (:#1:) however, no one knows that i did.. i said i went with just a girl but it was her -and- dante
we also all played DDR! I went against dante twice and jenny once and went by myself twice... i always wanted to go against them at ddr and so thats a FIRST ( :#1: )
Scores (misses)
Kate: 17
Thomas: 118

Jenny kept text messaging dante (i have no cell phone) asking for popcorn cuz we wouldnt let her have any (she throws it at people) so at the end she grabbed the bag and dumped it all over me and him!!
it was soo fun though!

Today, i went to my first bat mitzvah (kilikas) and there i got my first caricature, nearly set a table on fire, and i slow danced for the first time( :#1: ) (not too well though!!!) the song was 'a moment like this' by kelly clarkson...sorry those of you who are going to pounce we if i dont say but dante wasnt there (he and kilika are scared to death of each other.. every time they talk one almost kills the other accidentally) sooo i danced with cole and i felt stupid when he was like 'is this your first time?'
i was like 'i cant daaance!!!!'
then at the end my mom met the guy whos been calling our house asking how to make his xtina aguilara cd work on his computer and he was like 'hi mrs. kates mom can i use your cell phone?' she was so wierded out cuz he didnt say who he was or anything and i was like 'cooole dont talk to my mom!! she thinks i dont know any guys!!!'

still a great time was had by all and i'm hanging out now tryign to get that creepy jewish hallelu song out of my head

thats about it.. i think
if i have anything else to say i'll be baack :fuzzydemon:

ignore the colon #1 colon type things they work on certain servers that arent this one
New News- Nayru   
12:33pm 12/10/2002
mood: giddy
I bought Kingdom Hearts...
The theme song is TOO cute- you MUUUST load it..
i should see if they have giant statues of Sora on ebay! O.O (Or Clouuud!!)
(Or TIDUS!!!) lol
i found a cool fragrance page that sells frgrances that smell like everyday things to evoke memories, such as snow, cinnimon buns, tomato, and even THE LAUNDROMAT!
gotta love it... brand name:Demeter (http://www.sephora.com)
i also found 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash scented in our fav foods, such as strawberry milkshakes, cinnimon buns, blueberry pie, and more.. yesssss (http://www.philosophy.com)

well past that, info on thsi journal has gotten to me school, so if youre at school and reading this, GOOD FoR YOU! (I'm probably standing behind you, forcing you to play simple and clean on the burnt cd we put in the computer)

I also got a schedule change- i went from reg science to pre-ap..i'll put in old-new so if youre at our school you'll know if im in yer classes, and PLEASE, if i walk into the room, dun be like "Uhh, get out, thsi isnt yer class.." i think i'll make a poster i can lift up when i walk in to a new class that says "I GOT A SCHEDULE CHANGE." cuz i think i'll get sick of saying it pretty quick.
OLD- 1. Gym-Turner NEW 1. Gym- Turner
2.Pre- AP English- Pearson 2. Pre AP Math- Tharp
3. Pre AP Reading- Pearson 3.Pre- AP Science- Friday
4. TX History- Quinlan 4.Pre- AP English- Pearson
5. GT Seminar-Pearson 5. GT Seminar- Pearson
6.Pre- AP Math- Tharp 6. Pre- AP Reading-Pearson
7. Science-Friday 7. TX History-Quinlan
8. ARt- Strickland 8.Art-Strickland

Reccomended Listening:
* Heaven- DJ Sammy & Yanou (RADIO REMIX)
* Simple & Clean - Utada Hikari (its english, dun worry)
* Dirty- Christina Aguilara (i didnt know how to spell her last name till now.. lol)
* Secret - Linkin Park (Awesome Instrumental)
* Dreaming - BT (LIBRA REMIX)or(LUCID REMIX)<=== both worth listening to

I'm out...
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Being the Reincarnation of Chiriko.. a True Story From Bluefire   
03:43pm 15/09/2002
mood: artistic
I was walking to school on thursday (the day with the two tests) and my left foot starts hurting. This happens a lot - I live in New York, I walk A LOT - so I think nothing of it. I get to school and realize I have Latin test first. I open the latin textbook and realize I know ~nothing~. So I think "ooooooooh God, if there is a God, puh-LEEZ delay this test so I have time to study!"
And the fire bell rings. It wasn't a drill - there was actually a fire! but A small one...We were outside for about 15 minutes and I sat there, thinking everything latin-ish over in my head. Then then we head back inside the school. I think to myself "Thanks someone-up-there-who-likes me....now can I have at least 45 minutes of extreme intelligence so I pass the test?"........
So I walk up the stairs with my hands all praying-like and my eyes on the ceiling and a new girl suddenly says "What are you praying for, for a symbol to appear on your foot?" his girl has NEVER heard of FY. i kinda spazzed...heh. ^^;
^^; Anyway, test time comes. I doodle chiriko's symbol in the corner of the test. I take the test. Then i have another class and then recess, in which we had an assembly, no time to study for math -- which I hadn't studied for. Silly me. -.-;; So I get there, doodle chiriko's symbol in the corner (being the superstitious freak that I am) and take the test. After this, my left foot starts hurting again. School continues....
Firday -- I get both back and I ACED. Friggin' ACED!!!!!! Both of them!!!!!!! **happi dance** I remember the new girl's comment and my foot hurting. I run home and check the anime, wondering which foot had Chiriko's symbol. it's his left. And I ~had~ thought it was his right.
::me:: O.O;;
Make of that what you will.
-Mood, Song, and entrie by Bluefire.
09:11am 14/09/2002
mood: tired
i decided its quiz day, so i'm going to take as many quizez as possible for the pure joy of it.

Take the "Which Weasley are you?"quiz by Hazel



Find out which band you are!

you live in the...

you are full of imagination and often daydream. and you often wish that there was such things as magic. you're also pretty superstitious. </td>

take the
where do you live? quiz by maikamariel

you are...

you've got a crazy imagination and thinks very originally. unique ideas pop up in your head all the time and you're probably great at art as well. </td>

How Creative Are You? Quiz by maikamariel

(Me? Good at art? why, thank you ^^)

you are...

percieving things by hearing messages </td>

Clairvoyant, clairsentience, or clairaudience? Quiz by maikamariel

you are ringwraith #

the screechy one </td>

Which Ringwraith Are You? Quiz by maikamariel


You're an...


Very very evil you are--you like chaos and destruction. Go you.

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I&apos;m Kei!

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[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<text="#f8f9c8">') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

i decided its quiz day, so i'm going to take as many quizez as possible for the pure joy of it.

<center><font face="verdana" size="1"><br><img src="http://www.boomspeed.com/duckling/ron.jpg">
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<img border="0" src="http://webpages.charter.net/tolerta/jimmy.gif" width="200" height="176"></p>
<p>I am JIMMY EAT WORLD. </p>
<p> </p>
<p><a href="http://webpages.charter.net/tolerta/quiz.html">Find out which band you are!

<p><table border=1 cellspacing=0 bordercolor=black width=200><td>
<center>you live in the...
<br><font size=5><b>CLOUDS</b></font>
<p>you are full of imagination and often daydream. and you often wish that there was such things as magic. you're also pretty superstitious.
<br>take the <a href=http://www11.brinkster.com/s0mething target=_blank>where do <b>you</b> live?</a> quiz by <a href=http://livejournal.com/~maikamariel target=_blank>maikamariel</a>

<center><table border=1 bordercolor=black cellspacing=0 width=200><td>
<center>you are...
<br><font size=5><b>VERY CREATIVE</B></FONT>

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<br><a href=http://www11.brinkster.com/s0mething>How Creative Are You?</a> Quiz by <a href=http://livejournal.com/~maikamariel>maikamariel</a>

(Me? Good at art? why, thank you ^^)

<center><table border=1 bordercolor=black cellspacing=0 width=200><td>
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<br><font size=5><b>CLAIRAUDIENCE/B></FONT>

<P>percieving things by hearing messages
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<center><P><table border=1 cellspacing=0 bordercolor=black width=150><td>
<center>you are ringwraith #
<br><font size=5><b>FIVE</b></font>
<p>the screechy one
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Fruit Salad Yummy Yummy! -Nayru   
01:48pm 07/09/2002
mood: silly
The confused face bobs up and down to the beat of "Fruit Salad!!!" HAHAHAHAHA
Relax, Sugar Butt, I'm Still Here.... -Nayru   
01:34pm 07/09/2002
mood: artistic
Yeah i'm here. My computer had a virus so i was off being paranoid and not knowing what was goning on online for the 24 hours i wasnt there. man it was scary. did i mention i was sick from too much stress!? haha thats a laugh, isnt it?
I finally got my Invader Zim episodes off ebay. i've been watching them alooot, and i LOVE it!!! :D

Songs you really should load:
*Chicken Bones- Cowboy Bebop
*Fruit Salad- The Wiggles *trust me on this one..*
* Invader Zim's Impending Doom Theme *trust me, its there, because *I* put it on Kazaa!! (my names crash something something i dunno)

bake it with asian sauce... together... together...
stupid human propoganda.

Me signing out-
Where has Nay-Nay gone?- entry by destinee   
12:32pm 02/09/2002
mood: creative
the last three entries here have been done by me, and here is the question that we are all asking- where has nay-nay gone? I don't know...I am afraid. I miss her. I was out of town for her birthday and i feel like i haven't heard from her in ages except for rushed lunchroom/ hallway conversations at school. and she hasn't drawn at clockworkforce (www.clockworkforce.com) in a loooonnnngggggg time...sadness...

i just learned how to cross-stitch! hooray, it is really fun! i am working on one of some dolphins and fishies and fun stuff thats underwater. i thought that cross stitching would be really hard and that i couldn't do it, but hahahaaha, i can! wheeeee!!!thats why i am feeling creative. and because i am also into making jewelry now. i am wearing a necklace that i made at this very moment! it is made from that hemp string with turquoise and clear beads and it is braided. soooo pretty. I will make one for nay, too. yeah now i have something else to do!
entry by destinee: huh?   
02:53pm 18/08/2002
mood: confused
i just did an entry a few minutes ago and i cant find it?!?!?!? it was really random and weird and...oh well never mind but i am confused.
mweep! entry by destinee   
02:29pm 18/08/2002
mood: naughty
hello peopleses. i am the golden cheese. okay that is my random bit of stuff for the day. i need to drink some kool aid. really, i do. i crave it. i long for it. i pine for it. too bad i don't have any ! oh well i will live i suppose. okay in the serious front, Nayru and i don't have any classes together! how could it be so? i think that the world is out to get me! yes thats it. everybody is plotting to figure out how to make me the most disturbed. yeah new game concept. it is called anti-psychiatrist. whoever drives me insane first wins!!! hahaha who's gonna play? whos gonna win? i don't know, for heavens sake, im just the little old person who invented the game. geez.
Destinee: Nay, those bleachers radiate nausea. Dont sit on them.   
12:35pm 17/08/2002
mood: nauseated
gosh.. i cant believe she was joking when she said the bleachers radiated nausea. its just so wierd that i got sick on them.sorry for being so incredibly discusting but i have nothing better to do.

i had something to say to destinee.. oh yeah
that big quiz thing i took?
i'm making destinee do it too.. lol
for destinee to read: just copy and paste my quiz and reanswer all the questions in your own livejournal entry.. just make sure when you do you have plenty of time on yer hands or youre at my house cuz you'll be able to get it done at my house :3
*twitches and lays down*
Addition to Journal!   
12:24pm 17/08/2002
mood: sick
As you've seen..
Destinee has been added to my little journal..
we're best buds and since you need codes to get your own journal i let her into mine cuz i mean, hey, we own american chocobo together too.

About me being sick? yeh i went home sick yesterday with a dying stomach.. i'm still sick.. its so sad.. gosh i cant believe it.. i've had a constant stomachache since 9:45 Thursday night. everyones sayingits cuz i'm so stressed about school which started on wednesday (and I HATE MY SCHEDULE SOOOO MUCH) ... not to menton if i have ANY suar in the morning it makes me sick and WELL GUESS WHAT i have gym 1st period of ALL THE CLASSES...

~stressed and sick~

PS: since i have a high emotion scale right now i'm off to draw or something.. i might get a nice drawing out of this :D you know how i have ferret kilika & tiger nay.. well yeah lets make one for good ol' destinee.
patrick (entry by destinee)   
04:09pm 13/08/2002
mood: ditzy
"once there was an ugly barnacle. he was so ugly that everyone died. The end!"
i just thought that i would spread the joy of patrick to all those reading this journal because he is super cool and if you don't agree then i will have to eat you.
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12:56pm 03/08/2002
mood: satisfied
KILIKA CAME HOME FROM CAMP AFTER 22 DAYS TODAY!!! I'M SOOO HAPPY!!!! She missed soo much though within that time i went from wearing gold eyeshadow for a year and now i wear blue :D

I'm so glad yer back, kilika!! you HAVE to show me any drawings you did *vice versa as well ;)*
03:39pm 01/08/2002
mood: hyper
..do you know how funny it'd be if i didnt put hamtaros theme song in the 'current song' section?


kush kush
lets make a wish.. BLOO BLOO make it come true!
03:33pm 01/08/2002
mood: giddy
Less than 5 minutes ago i did the coolest thing ever! I had just finished loading Hamtaros theme song and hamtaro happened to be on TV. when the theme song played at the end, i tried to see if i could get the songs syncronized at al and I GOT THEM SYNCRONIZED DOWN TO THE LAST HUNDREDTH OF A SECOND!!!! IT WAS SOO COOL i went and turned it up really loud and i sat there giggling all excited in my realm of hamtaro theme song surround sound-ness

06:36pm 23/07/2002
mood: dorky
havent updated in forever

well heres to me buddies..
null n blu will never get me before i deep fry the worlds supply of onions
seans house is sooo not better that mine *YOU SASQUATCH!* and living at your house is better than going out on friday to 'actually' spend time with ppl
Kilika, your charas getting a major trade in on charactaristics and she fits her discription better now *oh, you'll see*
Destinee-youre so random that stuff is a multipurpose word

i lost a tooth today while eating lucky charms! hahaha
..my dog just had a nightmare... poor bear...

bai for now
Survey *Its HOOGE*   
04:14pm 25/06/2002
mood: accomplished
1. name: Kate
-nicknames: Nayru/Nay Nay, Pink
2. birthday: 08/29/89
3. sign: Virgo
4. age: 13 in August
5. sex: Female
6.location: at the comp, duhh
7. school: its stinky :/
8. glasses/contacts: Glasses cuz my eyes are too small for contacts :D
9. braces: no
10. fat/skinny:avarage?
11. tall/short: tall
12. do you like ketchup: cant live without it
13. do you like mustard: It's okay
14. do you like mayonnaise: NO
15. do you like pickles: every now & then
16. do you like boys or girls: nope :3
17. do you like pickle relish (yuck): grooosss
18. do you like chicken: yeah :D
19. do you like spinach: yesth
20. do you have any siblings: yes
21. what are their names: We Call Them Wilson & Farfignoogan though theyre girls
22. how old are they: 17 & 20
23. do you have any pets: yes
24. what are their names: Cramer & Holly but we call them Fat and Bear
25. what kind of pets are they: guinea pigs & a Yorkshire Terrier
26. do you like school: not really :3
27. if you could choose anyone to rule the world who would you choose: I WILL RULE THE WORLD WITH AN IRON FIST! -Zim
28. do you like pokemon: maybe a little :B
29. do you talk to voices in your head: yes
30. do they tell you to do stuff: yes
31. do you listen: most of the time
32. have you ever had dreams about someone: Well I'm not the only one i dream about
33. how often do you talk on the phone: not too much
34. how often do you surf the web: explains most of my actions to say.. its my life..
35. how often do you hang out with friends: Whenever possible, then we all go online together! :D
36. do you have a bf/gf: nope
37. do you love them: i should hope i dont love something that isnt there
38. have you ever loved anyone: no
39. have you ever made-out with someone: no
41. have you ever broke any bones: no
43. how often do you shower: every other day if not daily
44. which group do you hang out with at school: The People Who THINK theyre popular and kinda are but arent extremely popular and the individualists
45. do you get good grades: i guess..
46. do you always get in trouble: no O:D
47. do you get along with your parents: yeah
48. are you gonna go to college: yeah
49. who is your best girl friend: I gots 3 Destinee Fat louie & Dakota
50. who is your best boy friend: uhhh
51. who do you talk to the most on the phone: Kilika & Dakota
52. who do you talk to the most on the net: Hedoru & Exa
53. do you like email or snail mail better: snail mail :D
54. do you like gold or silver jewelry: Silver
55. have you ever prank called a 1-800 number: I want someone to call it for me
56. have you ever tried to impress your crush and ended up embarrassing yourself: I just embarrass myself regularly nothings new
57. what are you most afraid of: The Trash Man
58. are you weird: thats what most ppl say they love about me
59. how long does it take you to get ready for school: An Hour
60. do you have a crush: no :P
61. what are their names: They Dont Exsist, Moo Moo Chicken Wing!
62. do they like you: Do They!?
63. do you like coffee: yes O____O
- if not, how come:
64. do you sleep with one pillow or two:6 actually
65. what is the longest you have went out with someone: never have *crowd awwh's*
66. do you regret it: should i?
67. how do you know the person who sent this to you: ....no one sent it to me, i stoled it :D

68. do you want to live?: i like where i is
69. is the most fun place to go?: Six Flags!! :D
70. do you want to meet your husband/wife?: I'm Scared O.O
71. do you want to go heaven or heck?: heaven O:D
72. do you want to get married?: dunno
73. Do you like to do?: eat draw go online play video games
74. was the most fun retreat/trip you ever went on?: Canada? Nah That was pretty lame
75. friend is always there?: Fat Louie ;___;
76. relative sends you the most money for Christmas? My Aunt
77. do you like about your church or school clique?: They Accept me for the freak I am
78. do you want to be when you grow up?: Arteest
79. do you want your husbands name to be?: O.o
80. is your favorite sport?: Svimming
81. is your favorite piece of clothing?: my pretty lacie shirt :D

have you, in the last 24 hrs...
82. Cried?: nope
83. gotten in major trouble?: nope
84. cut your hair?: no
85. ate a meal?: yeah
86. hugged someone?: yes :D
87. kissed someone?: no
88. made a new friend?: no ;__; I'm all Alllooone, theres nobody here besiiide me
89. lost something?: probably

have you ever...
90. Been so drunk you passed out?: i dont drink
91. gone out in public in your pajamas?: yes
92. had an imaginary friend?: yes
93. cried during a chick flick?: no
94. owned a new kids on the block cd?: sisters have :D
95. gotten in a car accident?: i dont think i drive yet :D
96. liked someone so much you cried?: no :B
97. cussed when your parents were around?: never cussed o.o
98. told your sister/brother he/she was an idiot?: maybe when i was little
99. sung in front of the mirror?: i dunno
100. made faces in the mirror?: yes :P
101. spent more than one hour on your hair?: yeah when i got it pink
102. sleep-walked, talked in your sleep?: i even sleep slapped someone
103. watched a scary movie and couldn't sleep all night?: nope.. truthfully only books have that effect
104. gone caroling?: yes, and theres ppl caroling on TV right now :D

105. what is the funniest movie you ever saw?: uhhhh ZOOLANDER
106. what is the stupidest movie?: Barney Goes Sailing
107. which movie could you watch over and over?: Zoolander
108. what was the last movie you saw?: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
109. who do you go to the movies with?: Kilika & Fat Louie
110. what movie made you cry the most?: never cried at a movie
111. did you like titanic?: not really :D

If You were Stranded on a Island
112. who would you take?: Kilika cuz she can cook :D
113. who would you take if you only had two people you could bring?: My Parents?
114. what three things would you bring?: Laptop,PS2, TV
115. what island would you want to be stranded on?: Hawaii :D
116. what animal would you kill for food?: chicken
117. would you write on the sand "help!"?: for the pure joy of it
118. would you panic or relax?: panic and get over it then go online
would you ever...
119. Jump out of a plane?: EEP .___.
120. kiss your best guy friend (or if you're a guy girl friend)?: *nose scrunches up* >:/
121. go bungee jumping?: NO *scared*
122. stay in your room for a whole day?: i do that everyday
123. go in the snow without clothes?: i like the cold and all but no
124. skinny dip?: noo
125. drink salt water?: never again..
126. touch road kill?: not unless it was my dog ;__;127. take a job even if it meant you'd be away from your guy (or girl)?: yeah
128. smile at your worst enemy?: evilly >:D
129. play 8,000 bowling games in one night?: i hate bowling after 2 tries at rolling the ball
130. go to Reno to get married?: whats that?
131. gamble? bring shorts to Minnesota?: no and sure why not :D
132. have a make-out party?: no
133. throw a party without your parents?: no
134. go to a foreign country: i went to canada didnt i?
135. fly a plane?: probably not :P

136. If you died tomorrow who would you leave everything you own to?: family
137. if you had to go live in Borneo for the rest of your life and you could take one person ?: i wonder where borneo is
138. on this earth, who would you take?: i wonder what THAT means XD
139. who is the one person that you could stand spending a straight 24 hours with and not get the slightest bit annoyed with? Fat Louie we havent fought in 5 years
140. if you woke up one morning and noticed that your leg was missing who would be the first person you would call?: Dakota cuz she has to scream for me so the world would know.. lol i actually had a dream about this where i couldnt scream so i called her to make her scream for me
141. let's say your dad came in your room one day and told you that you had to get married in the next week but you can pick the person but you have to stay with them for the rest of your life no getting out of it, who would you pick?: what if i ripped your ear off? :D
142. what if you woke up tomorrow and you were someone else completely, who would you be?: aww man thats scary i cant imagine being... NORMAL...so sure why not britney spears i'd get all the cheat codes to her ps2 game

143. What would be the first thing you would do if you woke up one morning and you were the opposite sex?: blink.
144. if all of a sudden you had the ability to do one thing better than everyone else, have one amazing talent, what would it be?: draw!! Oh man thatd be awesome i'd be the oekaki mad hatter
145. if you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change(personality and looks)?: have one blue eye and one grey eye
146. what is your dream career?: Working For Squaresoft or Nintendo as an artist
147. what is the one thing you just have to do before you die?: make 'uncool' a real word.. they use it on tv all the time but its not a real word
148. if you could be a member of any band that has ever exsisted: linkin park or britney spears cuz i like linkin park but i can sing pretty better than screaming :D
149. what is the thing you care about most in your life?: THAT EVERYTHING STAYS HOW IT IS RIGHT NOW.. :D

which one......
150. Winter or summer?: summer *but i like winter weather*
151. The beach or the mountains?: mountains
152. pop or punk?: uhh popunk cuz i'm wierd
153. rock or rap?:rock
154. New York or L.A: new york
155. milk chocolate or dark chocolate?: milk chocolate
156. dogs or cats?: dogs cuz i'm allergic to cats
157. britney or christina?: Britney!!!
158. leno or letterman?: who're THEY!?
159.mtv or vh1?: i dont really care they arent on my sattelite fav list anyway
160. country or classical?: country
161. day or night?: day
162. lake or ocean?: lake
163. waffles or pancakes?: pancakes
164. soccer or football?: soccer i guess
165. baseball or swimming?: swimming for sure
166. chocolate or vanilla?: hows vanilla chocolate sound
167. sugar or spice?: or everything nice?
168. grisham or canyon vista?: what the kittybarf?
169. eminem or kiss?: ...eminem..? i dunno who kiss is

170. If you could be in any movie as the lead role what movie would it be?: Tomb Raider!!
171. if you could design your perfect mate what would he/she look like and be like?: Blue Eyes with spikey hair.. *Sion/Tidus/ maybe Link*I'm an Anime Person ^_~
172. if you won the lottery what would you do with your, let's say, 18 million dollars?: make my waterfountains have pink lemonade in em
173. what is the single most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?: uhhh i dunno really

have you ever.....
174. Fallen in front of someone you thought to be quite good looking?: i dunno..
175. Run into a wall?: i do that quite regularly
176. sleep walked?: all the time
177. gone skinny-dipping?: noooo
178. kissed someone of the same sex?: nooo
179. snuck out of the house at night?: nope
180. gotten in a car wreck where you are the driver?: noo
181. laughed so hard that what you were drinking spewed out your nose?: yea :D
182. started laughing really hard so you just spit out what you had in your mouth cause you couldn't swallow?: happens evertime i'm at dakotas cuz her brother just sits there alot and its funny, man
183. swallow a bug?: no
184. have you ever actually kept a new year's resolution?: *blinks* ye- no nevermind
185. if so what was it?:
186. say a few things about the person who sent this too you: Its Raw Like Sushi

~*~*would you ever*~*~
187. eat bugs purposely?: noooo
188. commit a crime?: no
189. change your religion?: nonono
190. lie to your parents?: not on purpose
191. jump over a waterfall?: you cant get me to stand close enough to it cuz i'm escared of hieghts
192. change clothes in front of an open window?: i have a closet :D
193. dress up as the opposite sex for an important event?: if you mean wearing those baggy jeans to your knees and baggy black shirts i already have but for no good reason
194. go out at night dressed in something like a black trench coat and sunglasses?: i dont think so
195. sing a harmonized duet in front of 500 strangers?: why not they dont know me *plus you never know how much money you'll get by them throwing stuff*
196. tell someone that you liked them if they were much older than you?: no

~*~*have you ever*~*~
197. lied to your parents about something really important?: no
198. have your life threatened?: yes
199. stumbled across fbi secrets online?: because someone pointed me to them :3
200. stayed up until the morning light talking online?: no
201. made people give you really weird glances?: yes
202. if yes, how?: ppl think pink hair's wierd these days
203. read a Shakespeare play?: i dun really want to
204. talked in your sleep?: yeah i said "Go away" and "Turn off that light right now"
205. what did you say?: Moo Moo Chicken Wing
206. sung at a karaoke bar?: no

207. who do you have a crush on: nobody
208. who do u like: must i repeat myself these many times!?
209. have you ever kissed them: gosh darnit no
210. do you wanna kiss them: I CANT ITS A NOBODY
211. what is the farthest you have gone with a guy/girl: chatted :D

212. What color is your hair: Caramel blonde & Hot Pink *sometimes dark blue*
213. What color are your eyes: Lime Green
214. What length is your hair: It looks like Tidus's from FFX :D
215. Brush your Teeth: toothpaste!
216: Whats your skin color: Caucasion *i'm not tan cuz i dont leave my house* ...how come theres two dots after the number?

217. SHUT UP: ok
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SQUEE i have a new layout thanks to october12 aka exa shes super cool ^_~
Fanks to AerisChan also cuz she gave me her code
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I have a big poster full of pics of Link i drew to shade.. better get to it..
*sigh* maybe someday a friend of mine will call my house and free me from my pleasure & my dispair *hey, we got dsl and a ps2.. its not ALL bad...*
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My Guinea Pig Less than 3's you :3

I'm having a expert live journalist help me out so hopefully this journal will become decent

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